Private Investigations

Do you have suspicions that your spouse is not entirely honest with you about their whereabouts and who they are with? There are many clues to infidelity and knowing what signs to look for is often the first step. The 9th Shield specializes in educating our clients on what to look for in a cheating spouse and will help you find the truth and evidence to back it up. Our surveillance team uses the latest technologies including social media infiltration, GPS tracking, and decoys that can blend into a person’s world without them even knowing it.

Child Custody/Child Support

The welfare of children is always of utmost concern. In a divorce situation or separation, the parent awarded custody may not be suitable as the primary care giver. In some cases, even visitation may not be appropriate. The other parent may have started dating someone with a questionable past or possible criminal background, or may be using a baby sitter who might not be fit to care for your children. The 9th Shield can inconspicuously follow the other parent during their planned visitation to determine illicit or inappropriate activity while your child is in the other parent’s care. Our investigators can also follow and videotape the other parent on their own free time to document and investigate their lifestyle, daily activities, living conditions and persons they associate with.

A change in circumstances may also warrant a change in child support payments. If you suspect that the award of the court ordered child support did not accurately reflect the other parent’s ability to pay, or that the financial circumstances of that parent have changed for the better, The 9th Shield will document the necessary evidence of lifestyle, income, and assets needed to build a case to substantiate your claim.

Teen Trace has become ever increasing for parents who want to discreetly monitor their teen’s activities. Whether you are concerned with drug use, gang violence, peer-pressure or location conflicts, our investigative team can provide you with the necessary truths to keep your teen safe. From deep penetration on social websites to surveillance,  we can help you be a proactive parent and put your mind at ease.

In today’s fast paced world of dating, the rules have changed and with the myriad of on-line dating services and sites not everyone is who they say they are. The 9th Shield can perform comprehensive background investigations to make sure your new date (or that of a loved one) does not have anything in their past that they aren’t revealing. Sometimes that gut feeling about a loved one’s significant other is completely justified. Find out the truth for your peace of mind and to protect your future.

In some cases, proof of cohabitation can be a sufficient ground to reduce or terminate alimony. By way of surveillance and other investigative means, we can determine whether your ex-spouse has established a common residence with a new partner and is benefitting economically from the relationship.